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Blackberries and Blueberries

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

This summer we signed up for a CSA.  Each week we get a delivery of fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies from a local Virginia farm.  In addition to our weekly deliveries, if you make a trek out to the farm, you can pick more items for free.  So, Peter and I went out to Great Country Farm early on Saturday morning to get some berries for the purpose of canning jams and pie fillings.  The blackberries were absolutely beautiful and plenteous! (I wish I had picked more!) I never had a blackberry before so I was a little leery about them… but they were so sweet! Yum!  Then we took a little hayride out to the blueberry field.  By then it was starting to get hot and the gnats were starting to hover. We realized quickly that we were going to have to search hard to get a decent amount of blueberries.  After a couple of hours we were able to search out enough blueberries to fill 4 pints… and Peter was beyond ready to get away from the bugs! So we left the fields and headed home after a fun time in on the farm.

Click here to see the photos from our berry picking adventure!