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Our Favorite things: Newborn cloth diapers

Friday, October 18th, 2013

We are very thankful to my sister for lending us all her newborn cloth diapers to use for Jenson!

Of the 4 brands she gave us, we really like these 3:


TotsBots Tini Fit 

This diaper is a combo of all in one and pocket. It has a nice trim fit with a very soft liner and insert. It has good stretchy elastic and only comes in aplix which allows for a very customizable fit. This diaper dries quickly. Only downside is it requires stuffing.


FuzziBunz Perfect Size (XS)

This pocket diaper has a very trim fit and has adjustable sizing using snaps wait and leg snaps. This diaper dries very quickly. The 3 things that aren’t great are the waist can gap a little on a smaller baby, it only comes in snap and it requires stuffing.


Thirsties Duo All In One (Size 1)

This all in one diaper is our favorite! It comes in snap or aplix. The aplix allows for overlapping to get a nice perfect fit in the waist. It has a snap rise to grow with the baby but it isn’t overly bulky. This diaper requires the least amount of work (no stuffing!) and the aplix version is very husband friendly as it is very similar to a disposable to put on. I have ordered several of these to start our own collection! The 2 cons: to big for very little babies;  this diaper can take a little longer to dry.


Nursery Wall Art

Friday, October 18th, 2013

This project was super easy and pretty cheap… and I must say, it looks awesome!



an assortment of fun fabrics

several embroidery circles in various sizes


hamer and nails


Place the fabric in the circle then cut the excess. Using a hammer and nails hang on an empty wall to add instant color and excitement!!


Our favorite things: newborn toys

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Jenson can’t talk yet but we already have a pretty good idea of what he does and doesn’t like!

Here is a list of his favorite toys:

Skip Hop Ocean Pals play mat 

This play mat is SOOOO cute!!! Jenson loves to lay on it and kick his little legs! He reaches for the toys and enjoys all the bright colors. We bought an extra starfish toy that goes with this theme to add to the fun!


Infantino Pop & Swap Gym 

We didn’t register for this, but we are so glad we received it as a gift! Jenson LOVES this toy!! He smiles so big and flails his little arms when I lay him under it! He bats at all the toys too!



My sister gave us this toy to use in the car to calm a crying baby. She discovered that if she shook it while driving the noise calmed her fussy daughter down. Lo and behold… it works for us too!! If Jenson is upset in the car I shake the rainmaker for a little while and he settles down and sometimes falls asleep! Miracle!!



Soothe & Glow Seahorse 

My sister also got us this cute little guy! We use it for naps and bedtime. It is very soothing and Jenson relaxes to the music while I rock him to sleep.


Brica Firefly car mirror 

This mirror is great!! It has lights and music to entertain Jenson in the car. It comes with a remote that is helpful to use from the front seat while driving.


Crawl Along Snail 

I usually lay this cute snail next to Jenson and whenever he taps it lights and music start! He also enjoys looking at himself in the mirror!





Our Favorite things… Hawaii edition! (Plus travel tips!)

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Here is a list of our favorite baby things that were helpful on our recent trip to Hawaii.

1) Fisher Price backpack diaper bag 

This bag is perfect for running through an airport (or anywhere!) and fits perfectly under the seat! The wipes case on the outside of the bag is helpful for quick diaper changes on the go. There is PLENTY of space for all necessary baby items! We LOVE this bag! And it is husband friendly =)



2) OXO travel drying rack with bottle brush

It’s pretty self explanatory, but this rack folds up compactly and fits nicely in any bag.


3) Maya Wrap ring sling

I have been using this wrap since we adopted Jenson, so I don’t know why I didn’t include it in my first “Favorite Things” post. I LOVE this wrap! It is very adjustable so that you get a sung fit every time and the pocket is helpful for carrying a few small essentials. I have this pretty rainbow one which is a great functional accessary to any outfit! I also have it in green. I will say, all the weight is on one shoulder so it isn’t ideal for all day baby wearing and obviously the bigger the baby the heavier the weight 😉


4) Boba baby carrier

We LOVE this carrier! It is very similar to the Ergo, if you are familiar with that, but has a few different features that made me pick this one over the Ergo. The big thing that is different is the Boba is less bulky so it is ideal for smaller body frames. It is easy to sit while wearing it too. We used this every day on our trip! Jenson liked it too… he fell asleep every time he was in it!


5) Tommee Tippee bib 

This isn’t really a travel item but it is a favorite and we used them on our trip so I share them here 😉



6) Infantino stay cool bottle bag

This bag is great! We packed 6 frozen bags of breast milk in it and after 12 hours of traveling they were still frozen in the middle when we arrived in Hawaii. It’s cute too!





There are a few items we wish that we had with us:

Our infant carseat and possibly a snap and go type stroller.

We didn’t take our carseat or stroller because we wanted to travel as “light” as possible even with a baby! And we also didn’t want them to get beat up during the travel process. We planned to just carry Jenson in the carriers we had and use an infant carseat provided by our rental car company. Well the carseat we were given was stinky and dirty as well as HUGE and unsafe for Jenson. (I made it safer by using hotel towels for head support!) Lesson learned! Won’t do that again! As far as the stroller… our arms and backs got quite the workout carrying Jenson everywhere so a little snap and go kind would have been helpful.


Travel tips

TSA and breast milk:

First I will say that it is going to vary from airport to airport. On our way out we took 6 full bags of frozen breast milk and there was no issue. We also took 8 bottles of thawed breast milk. 2 were 3 oz bottles and the rest were 4 oz bottles. No issues with the 3 oz bottles but the 4 oz bottles had to be put in a machine that used a light to shine through… I guess to make sure there weren’t any explosives in it 😉 On the way home the we took 5 bottles of thawed breast milk only. I made them only 3 oz bottles since we had issues with the 4 oz bottles on the way out. Well it didn’t matter… the agent said we had “a lot” of milk and even though I pointed out that they were only 3 oz bottles she still ran them in the light machine. I find it frustrating that there isn’t any consistency from airport to airport but I’m glad they didn’t have to “dip it.” I did ask about that and they said they don’t do that anyway.


TSA and a baby:

I had no issue with carrying Jenson through security in the Boba. They sent me through the metal detector and swabbed my hands to make sure I didn’t handle explosives and that was it! I was so glad I didn’t have to take him off since he was sleeping.


Seating choice:

If you have the option, ALWAYS pick an aisle seat! On our flights out I had a window seat and if Jenson needed to be change or be rocked I had to climb out over people. On the way home I sat on the aisle and it was so nice to get up with him anytime he squeaked or needed a change without bothering people! Much more relaxing for me!!