A fresh start to 2012

Peter and I are starting the new year off by eating meatless meals for 2 weeks.  (Weekends not included- as requested by my meat-loving husband!) This little experiment is to determine if eating more plant based meals and less meat based meals will help us to feel better: less bloated and sluggish, and more energized and satisfied. We are in no way becoming vegetatians but this little trial period might be what we need to get us eating healthier and encourage us to base our meals around veggies and not meat.

Here is my menu plan:

Week one

Monday: Potato soup (minus the bacon)

Tuesday: Mushroom and broccoli lentils

Wednesday: Stuffed zucchini

Thursday: Mediterranean quinoa

Friday: Penne with roasted asparagus 


Week two

Monday: Corn cakes

Tuesday: Lentil tacos

Wednesday: Quinoa with black beans and corn

Thursday: Pasta e ceci soup

Friday: Spinach roll ups 


I will give an update and a review of the recipes at the end of the 2 weeks.

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  1. laura k Says:

    I hope you love the Mushroom and Broccoli lentils tonight! I just put a lentil dish on my weekly meal plan, too: There’s something about the New Year that makes healthy things like lentils and spinach seem requisite. 🙂 I’d love to hear how the recipe works out for you.

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