First meatless meal week re-cap

Here are our thoughts on the first set of meatless meals…

I haven’t really missed meat, but I think Peter has.  We have both been more hungry.  We feel like we haven’t been full so that leads to snacking.  But overall I think it was been good.

Potato Soup

This was frozen left overs from a large batch I made a little while back. It was good! It was Peter’s favorite meal from the week.

Mushroom and broccoli lentils


I liked the flavor of this meal and I thought it was easy to make.  Peter thought the lentils we crunchy… not sure if that is my fault or just the way lentils are. Do I need to cook them longer?

Stuffed zucchini

I LOVED this! Peter liked it too but it wasn’t his favorite.  It was very easy to make and VERY healthy! I will be making this again.

Mediterranean quinoa

We both disliked this meal VERY much… in fact we ended up throwing it out and going out to get spinach ravioli from Vapiano (which was YUMMY!) As far as the meal: I’m not sure what it was that made it taste so bad… I think it was the lemon juice and feta but Peter thinks it was the quinoa. I would be interested to try it again with out the lemon juice.

Penne with roasted asparagus 

This was good and easy.  I think it could have used a bit more flavor.  I ran out of balsamic vinegar so it might have been more flavorful if I was able to use the full amount needed.  I will make this again!


Since we had such a bad experience with the quinoa this week, I am going to scratch the quinoa from next week’s menu and replace it with Vegetable Tian.

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  1. laura k Says:

    I’m glad you liked the lentils! They do keep a little bite to them; different types of lentils get a bit more mushy. I made a big pot of lentils this week, too. I love them!

  2. Vanesa Says:

    Jessica- you have got to try this recipe.
    Minus the capers it is my absolute favorite vegetarian recipe- we are having it tonight 😉

  3. Vanesa Says:

    PS- give quinoa another chance as a side! Just make it plain with butter or olive oil and sea salt… its like a cool rice side.

  4. Vanesa Says:

    This was our 2 weeks menu (for the sake of ideas)…

    Week 1
    Pasta Primavera (mmm)
    Squash and Barley Salad (above recipe)
    Roasted veggie sandwiches with pesto
    Bean burritos
    Baked potatos with salad
    Thai veggie pasta (5 star)

    Week 2
    Roasted vegetable pizzas
    Lentil soup (I am so making this again.)
    Mushroom Quesidillas
    Bruschetta with salad
    Fish tacos
    Pesto pasta

    Weekend Meal Extras
    Quiche (Saturday breakfast- week 1)
    French Toast (Sunday breakfast- week 1)
    Pancakes (Saturday breakfast- week 2)
    Portabello sandwiches, Egg salad (Sat/Sun lunches- week 1)
    Roasted Eggplant sandwiches, Dips (hummus, baba ghonoush) with veggies and pita (Sat/Sun lunches- week 2)

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