Our favorite things: newborn toys

Jenson can’t talk yet but we already have a pretty good idea of what he does and doesn’t like!

Here is a list of his favorite toys:

Skip Hop Ocean Pals play mat 

This play mat is SOOOO cute!!! Jenson loves to lay on it and kick his little legs! He reaches for the toys and enjoys all the bright colors. We bought an extra starfish toy that goes with this theme to add to the fun!


Infantino Pop & Swap Gym 

We didn’t register for this, but we are so glad we received it as a gift! Jenson LOVES this toy!! He smiles so big and flails his little arms when I lay him under it! He bats at all the toys too!



My sister gave us this toy to use in the car to calm a crying baby. She discovered that if she shook it while driving the noise calmed her fussy daughter down. Lo and behold… it works for us too!! If Jenson is upset in the car I shake the rainmaker for a little while and he settles down and sometimes falls asleep! Miracle!!



Soothe & Glow Seahorse 

My sister also got us this cute little guy! We use it for naps and bedtime. It is very soothing and Jenson relaxes to the music while I rock him to sleep.


Brica Firefly car mirror 

This mirror is great!! It has lights and music to entertain Jenson in the car. It comes with a remote that is helpful to use from the front seat while driving.


Crawl Along Snail 

I usually lay this cute snail next to Jenson and whenever he taps it lights and music start! He also enjoys looking at himself in the mirror!





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