Our Favorite things: Newborn cloth diapers

We are very thankful to my sister for lending us all her newborn cloth diapers to use for Jenson!

Of the 4 brands she gave us, we really like these 3:


TotsBots Tini Fit 

This diaper is a combo of all in one and pocket. It has a nice trim fit with a very soft liner and insert. It has good stretchy elastic and only comes in aplix which allows for a very customizable fit. This diaper dries quickly. Only downside is it requires stuffing.


FuzziBunz Perfect Size (XS)

This pocket diaper has a very trim fit and has adjustable sizing using snaps wait and leg snaps. This diaper dries very quickly. The 3 things that aren’t great are the waist can gap a little on a smaller baby, it only comes in snap and it requires stuffing.


Thirsties Duo All In One (Size 1)

This all in one diaper is our favorite! It comes in snap or aplix. The aplix allows for overlapping to get a nice perfect fit in the waist. It has a snap rise to grow with the baby but it isn’t overly bulky. This diaper requires the least amount of work (no stuffing!) and the aplix version is very husband friendly as it is very similar to a disposable to put on. I have ordered several of these to start our own collection! The 2 cons: to big for very little babies;  this diaper can take a little longer to dry.


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