Our Favorite Things: this, that, and the other

As we continue on our parenting journey we find more items that we really like! Here are a few of those items:

Best Bottoms Diaper


This diaper is our new favorite!! The main reason why we love it is because it doesn’t leak!!! The leg gussets help hold everything in and give a snug fit around Jenson’s skinny little legs.



This toy is awesome!! It is the easiest toy for Jenson to grab and play with.

Bath Sling 


Our little guy loves bath time! He kicks and wiggles and giggles! We use this chair to keep his head out of the water and it works well.

Doorway Jumper 


Jenson has very strong legs and LOVES to jump so this is perfect for him! It is also great to use while I take a shower or bath. I hang it in the doorway and he can play and I can keep an eye on him.

Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat


This carseat is GREAT!!! It is nice and sturdy and very easy to clip in and out. The fabric is also top quality and easy to clean. The latch system on this seat is the easiest I have ever used!



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