About Peter and Jessica

About the Couple:
We met on a youth group hiking trip in the summer of 2001. Peter was going into his senior year of high school while I was going to be a junior. Most of our dates in the “early years” consisted of church activities. We enjoyed many Teens Involved competitions, all night “Super Bowl” activities, paint ball and regular youth group outings. After Peter finished high school he went on to Bob Jones University. The distance was going to be a real test for our new relationship. But Peter faithfully sent flowers and cards and letters in the mail. When I graduated from high school I joined Peter at BJU. There our relationship really started to develop. For the first time, we could see each other every day, and we loved it!

About the proposal:
I was surprised when Peter called me at BJU and asked me to “reserve time” for him over Thanksgiving break. I convinced myself that he was going to propose! He told me he was taking me to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse in Philadelphia, so I bought a new outfit and got all pretty because I just knew that he was going to propose. When we got to the restaurant, everything was perfect! The food was wonderful, the mood was very romantic, and Peter kept telling me how nice I looked and how much he loved me. This all added to my theory of him proposing, but nothing was happening. After dinner we strolled down Broad Street in Philadelphia, but still nothing happened. Then we got in the car and went home. No proposal! A few weeks went by and I was back at school anticipating Christmas break when he called and used the same “reserve time” line. Determined not to get my hopes up, I listened to the advice of a good friend. “Live in the moment. Let yourself be surprised,” she told me. So when he came to my house to pick me up on December 15, 2006, the day after I got home from school, I wasn’t in my best outfit, I wasn’t happy about my hair day, and I was running late! We made it as far as my front porch, and then he sat me down for a “lecture.” He told me that he didn’t want me to be disappointed about what might or might not happen. He said he just wanted me to enjoy the day. I interrupted and told him about the advice I had received and that I was just going to let myself be surprised. At that moment he crawled to his knee and before I knew it he had my hand and a beautiful diamond ring and was asking me to marry him! After screams and hugs I said yes, then frantically ran through my house to tell my mom. After all the excitement was over, we went to Longwood Gardens and enjoyed the pretty flowers and my beautiful ring together.

About the wedding:
We were married on Aug. 16th, 2008 at our home church, First Baptist, where we met over 7 years ago. Our reception was at The Castle, a beautiful reception hall located in a small marina on the river.